Famous Rafting Place In Nepal

Famous Rafting Place In Nepal
Famous Rafting Place In Nepal

Famous Rafting Place In Nepal, at the point when you consider Nepal, the principal thing that most likely comes into view is Mt. Everest, the Himalaya and trekking. All things considered, have you at any point considered it a boating goal? Famous rafting place in Nepal, with a reputation of having a lot of rivers, Nepal boasts itself as one of the premium destinations for rafting enthusiasts.  With a range of rivers suitable for every level of a rafter, Nepalese rivers offer various river journeys ranging from steep, thrilling mountain streams to classic wilderness expedition.

On top of famous rafting place in Nepal everything, the nature of water and the climate make It a perfect place for rafting enthusiasts, subtropical climate and bug-free white sandy beaches are some of the important facts that attract rafters to this rafting paradise. Most of the rafting organizations offer overnight camping along with the rafting experience which adds up to the overall adventure and makes it more special hence attracting more and more rafters each year.

Famous Rafting Place In Nepal
Famous Rafting Place In Nepal

Best time

For famous rafting place in Nepal, the most appropriate time for rafting in Nepal is from September to December and March to June.

March to May with long hot days and low flowing water makes the rapid grades lower than what they are in September to November, which will rise again in May with monsoon and snowmelt.

June to August the rivers are very difficult to raft, only some parts of some rivers like Seti, Upper Sunkoshi and Trisuli are fit to commercially raft during this period.

September to October and May to June, river are usually very high due to monsoon run-off, expedition during this time requires a very experienced rafting guide with high knowledge of the rivers and their rapids. If not experienced, this is the most dangerous time to be in the water.

October to November is the most appropriate time to raft with warm and settled weather and usually medium-fast rapids in the rivers.

December is usually very cold for rafting, with short days and winter approaching, short trips are a more realistic approach.

Famous Rafting Place In Nepal
Famous Rafting Place In Nepal

Famous Rafting Place In Nepal, River Trips In Nepal

Bhote Kosi

  • Trip Duration is 1 day
  • Costs approximately $60(US)
  • Takes about 3 hours from Kathmandu
  • Best Time for rafting would be Late October to May.
  • Added attractions like bungee jumping canyoning and kayaking are available.

Upper Sun Kosi

  • Trip Duration is 2 days
  • Costs approximately $140(US)
  • Takes about 2 hours from Kathmandu
  • Best time for rafting would be October to May and June to September


  • Trip duration is 2 days
  • Costs Approximately $110(US)
  • Takes about 2 hours from Kathmandu
  • Best time for rafting would be October to May and June to September.
  • Added Attractions like trips to Bandipur and Pokhara are available.


  • Trip duration is 2-3 days.
  • Costs Approximately $110-$130
  • Takes about one and half hour from Pokhara
  • Best time for rafting is September to May
  • Added attractions like kayaking is more popular.

Kali Gandaki

  • Trip Duration is 3 days
  • Costs approximately $180(US)
  • Takes about 2 hours from Pokhara
  • Best time to raft would be Late September to May
  • Chitwan national park is one of the most popular attractions around the area


  • Trip duration is 4 days
  • Costs approximately $280(US)
  • Takes about 5 hours from Kathmandu
  • The best time for rafting would be late October to April
  • Annapurna circuit trek is really famous

Sun Kosi

  • Trip duration is 8-9 Days
  • Costs approximately $630(US)
  • Takes about 3 hours from Kathmandu and 16 hours bus to be back to Kathmandu or fly from Biratnagar
  • The best time to raft would be September to November and December to April.
  • Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve Is one of the popular attraction or continue travelling to Darjeeling


  • Trip Duration is 12 days
  • Costs approximately $920-$1300(US)
  • Takes about 18 hours bus ride from Kathmandu or flight then three-day trek
  • Best time to raft would be October to December
  • Trek to mount Kanchenjunga is popular

What to bring

Usually, all you have to carry is light clothing, with warm change for nights. A swimsuit, towel, insect repellent sunscreen, appropriate shoes are all necessary.all the safety gears along with tents are usually provided by the rafting company. check if the company provides jackets and wetsuits.

Choosing a River

Before choosing a river, famous rafting place in Nepal, you first have to know what are you seeking from the raft, if you are a hardcore rafter who needs an adrenaline-fueled rafting experience you might wanna go for a river with a high rapid, but if you just want a chilled, not so heart-pumping experience then you might wanna choose something that has a low rapid. The next thing that you need to keep in mind before choosing the river is how much time you have in hand and how much time will the trip actually take.

Organizing a trip

Famous rafting place in Nepal there are many rafting companies in Nepal how to claim to be the best in business, you might home to run them through some checklist first. Check their rafting history, learn about their rafting guide, find out if they provide you with all the necessary safety equipment, are they well equipped to handle emergency situations, if you have any dietary requirement find out if they can attend to those requirements. Check how many people are in our group as well as what is the maximum number of people that will be involved

As the above-mentioned things will make a difference in the experience you have you need to make sure that all these things are according to your liking


As rafting is an experience that requires your physical involvement, it is important that you pay attention to your safety. As there is no minimum safety requirement listed by the governing body, you yourself should be careful and remain safe.

  • First of all, choose a professional rafting company, have appropriate paddle training.
  • Good life jackets and helmets are a must-have
  • Minimum of two rafts per trip is appropriate, 3 rafts for better
  • Know about the people who will be rafting with you
  • Rafting guides must have current first aid certificate and must be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Feet and arms must be inside the raft at any time
  • And remember self-rescue is the best rescue

Our mountains and rivers creates unlimited opportunities for great river rafting. Famous rafting place in Nepal has something to offer to everyone.


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