Thursday, April 2, 2020

About US

Info Nepal discovered its start in 2017 with its day by day online news webpage on the Nepali language, based on Kathmandu, and we attempt to give online news, well-being tips, and substantially more valuable data to viewers. Information Nepal is focusing on solid brand acknowledgment among viewers just as promoters. We will be a Nepali day by day helpful data and travel information about Nepal as well as market place information, its web adaptation tries to climb the statures of digital greatness.

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Our Objective

Info Nepal’s objective is to present you crystal clear information abut Nepal and disseminate the truth as it is by observing all decencies by refraining from allying with any special interest. On Info Nepal, we report with responsiveness and take a ‘people-first’ approach. We cover information and articles with authenticity regardless of all odds. We would be more than delighted to receive your comments, views and ideas. Help us to improve ourselves.